Seasonal Classes

Our seasonal classes provide a fun, creative environment where young athletes are able to develop the fundamentals of soccer through creative means. Our experienced coaches bring forth an educational environmental through themed classes that are tailored to each athletes development.

We strongly believe in learning through the love of soccer. Our coaches work effortlessly to bringing forth that burning passion in these fun seasonal classes. We aim to build coordination, ball control, agility and basic understanding of the game through these seasonal classes. Creativity, technicality and fun is the phoenix way.

Procedures & Policies

Drop in Policy

Only authorized adults are allowed to sign children out of class, if parent are not present. Photo ID is required upon sign out with signature. Adults picking up children have to be 18 years or older.


Athletes are required to wear shoes, preferably soccer turf shoes. Children are also give a t-shirt provided by us, non the less sports apparel is recommended. As activities will be outside parents are asked to keep track of weather advisory for little rain or drizzle, camps are conducted in those conditions and appropriate clothing should be provided. Sunscreen is recommended! - If athletes any additional requests are needed please speak with the coaches at hand.

Children's belongings should be marked, it is encouraged to keep items in a backpack or bag. Belongings are the responsibility of the athlete!

Bathroom Procedure

Athletes are escorted to the bathroom with coaches at all times. Coaches will inspect each location for safety and health measures. Athletes are also taken to bathrooms in groups!

Illness and Injury

In the event, the athlete becomes ill or sustains an injury, parents/ guardians will be contacted to to be picked up. If athlete is injured, coaches will take the appropriate steps to provide first aid. In the event, we are not able to reach you, they will be take to the hospital.


Cancellation Policy

Cancellations made 48hrs or more before start of season will receive a full refund. Cancellations need to be made via email, at

All other cancellations are nonrefundable.