About Our Founders/Coaches

Coach Miguel

As a father of two, I know the importance of a quality enrichment program for children ages 2-12. Now, more than ever, our young ones need the social support to either prepare or reintegrate into school. My experience in early childhood goes back 14 years, I’ve worked as a soccer coach for children since 2008, I’ve also worked as a kindergarten teacher assistant at PS 321 in Park slope. I am currently a public school Teacher in Bensonhurst and the girl’s soccer coach of my school’s team. I know how crucial it is for young children to develop motor and social skills in order to be successful in the school environment. My coaching style is silly, fun and patient. I adjust to the level and age groups. I can’t wait to be your first coach in the sport I hope becomes your passion as it is mine.

Coach Emir

I love the sport of football, from all aspects imaginable but none more so than the technical. The brilliance that is exhibited by players by not just using their well trained and developed muscles but from using their intellect in combination with those honed muscles. As a college player and active league player, I hope to bring that same passion and technically outlook to PhoenixSoccer Club. Over the past decade I’ve been coaching children from various ages, crafting my own skill when it comes to teaching, I’ve worked with various clubs through NYC and helped friends bring their own clubs to the successful level they are now. I aim to the same here.