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Phoenix Soccer Club takes a multifaceted approach to the sport of soccer. Not only do we focus on the technicality of the game, but we make sure children are enjoying every second of their experience. We take pride in fostering the creativity that each child brings to the sport.

Why Phoenix Soccer club?

We’re the best there is.

With more than 20 years of experience combined, Phoenix Soccer Club staff have been promoting and developing the youths across New York City.

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We believe in developing skills on all aspects of the game, focusing on the fundamentals ranging from ball control to team work.

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We believe in fostering technical development through creative means. Our coaches create fun and interactive ways to engage and develop soccer skills with an agile approach for each individual.

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Phoenix Way

We believe in the Phoenix Way, developing a burning love for the game through creative and imaginative means, underlined with the technical skills necessary to promote success in all aspects of soccer.

Our Philosophy

We are educators, parents and friends who share the love for the beautiful game.  

We are professionals with over 20 years of experience in early childhood education.

Our hope is to cultivate healthy physical and emotional habits in children ages 2-12.

At Phoenix FC, we believe every child is unique and capable.  We seek to teach lessons of fairness, compassion, responsibility and team work through a creative and imaginative world of soccer.  We strongly believe that kids playing sports should be about learning the game they are playing and having fun doing it.

Phoenix Soccer Club.

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